Eta Vulpeculae

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Eta Vulpeculae planets

magnetic worlds- 2 telluric worlds- 1 lanthinide worlds- 2 ultraviolet worlds- 1

Eta Vulpeculae is the star system that the Androsynth clones fled from Earth to. The Androsynth Soon set up cities and the planet became a thriving place. The Orz or *Many Fingers* sphere of influence is around this star system. In Eta Vulpeculae there are 6 worlds. 2 Magnetic worlds, 2 Lanthinide worlds, 1 Telluric world, and 1 Ultraviolet world.

There is also speculation that the Taalo were once found in this system. The Taalo, however, are now a dead race.

When the Captain enters the system, he is probably going to meet Orz patrols. Depending on weather or not he has angered the Orz by asking of the Androsynth too much or not, the Orz will not attack.