Eta Vulpeculae II

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Eta Vulpeculae II
Androsynth "homeworld"
Orbit: 2.04 a.u. Mass: 0.71 e.s.
Atmo: 1.44 atm Radius: 0.90 e.s.
Temp: 28° c Gravity: 0.88 g.
Weather: Class 2 Day: 1.22 days
Tectonics: Class 2 Tilt: 12°
Telluric World
1 satellite (a)

Eta Vulpeculae II, a Telluric World, was the adopted homeworld of the Androsynth. Following the Clone Revolt of 2085, the Androsynth fled to the Eta Vulpeculae star system and established a new home on the second planet. The planet has a single, small moon.

In the roughly sixty-five years that the Androsynth inhabited the planet, the original fledgling colony soon turned into a successful homeworld covered in numerous cities. However, about five years prior to the events of Star Control II, something happened that destroyed all the cities and left the planet devoid of all Androsynth, including their corpses. Based on the type of damage found at the ruins of Androsynth cities, the lander crew surmised that the destruction was not the result of an orbital attack, but rather the result of a "huge land war." The ruins that now cover the planet's surface are the only known remnants of the Androsynth race.

Theories for the destruction of the cities

  • Sections of the cities were snagged together with the Androsynth because of the lack of accuracy of "snagging"
  • The Androsynth destroyed the cities (either out of hysteria or to protect other races)
  • The Orz destroyed the cities after snagging the Androsynth (either in anger or to protect other races)
  • "They" destroyed the cities
  • Arilou destroyed the cities (to protect other races or to protect their secrets)