Eternal Doctrine

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The Ur-Quan Kohr-Ah species follows the Eternal Doctrine. It states that all non-Ur-Quan species are to be exterminated. The Kohr-Ah are, also, taken with the belief of reincarnation. They believe that by destroying other sentients, cleansing them, they will allow those beings the opportunity to be reborn as Ur-Quan. The Kohr-Ah are thus completely remorseless killers, able to stare down into the eyes of a newborn child and kill it without drawing breath inbetween. The vast size of the Kohr-Ah fleet makes the race immensely powerful, and as the Ur-Quan Kzer-Za lost a large part of their fleet during the "Blaze of Glory" cataclysm caused by the Shofixti as they detonated a device similar to the Utwig Bomb inside their sun, the Kohr-Ah are currently more than a match for their cousins.