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The view from QuasiSpace
Homeworld of: Arilou Lalee'lay
QuasiSpace Coordinates: 613.4 : 590.0
Type: unknown

Falayalaralfali is the homeworld of the Arilou Lalee'lay, and is located at QuasiSpace coordinates 613.4 : 590.0, preserved in a bubble of TrueSpace, which the Arilou termed their "nook in *time*". Both the space and the stars visible from the bubble have a slight red tint, though not a red as intense as the HyperSpace one. The Arilou claim that their planet is home to strange physical wonders including some with the mysterious names The Mountain Clouds of Thought, The Tangible Wish, and The Dark; in their dealings with The Captain they expressed a desire to allow him to tour the planet, but reneged, claiming that their Human "children" are still insufficiently "acclimated" to endure the experience, which would result in "numbness" (however, they had allowed the still non-sentient Talking Pet on the planet while administering it medical care). The names they give to their planet's features may imply that Falayalaralfali is home to some sort of persistent, tangible psychic phenomena. From orbit, the planet appears to be an Earth-like world with one or two satellites, one of them being similar to Luna. Its surface, like Earth's, is composed of several small landmasses in a watery ocean, though the continents appear for some reason to have a purple tint.