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The Faz were a member of the Sentient Milieu and were the first to fall to the Ur-Quan Kzer-Za Path of Now and Forever before the first Doctrinal War. The Faz, unlike most of the former Milieu species, are speculated to still be alive somewhere in the galaxy, trapped under a slave shield. Due to the fact that the Utwig's homeworld is named Fahz, a very similar-sounding name, and that there are vague references in their mythological history to an event known as the falling of the "sky-canopies" or "veils of Fahz" that may be a reference to the disintegration of a slave shield, one theory held by a few xenologists is that Fahz is the original Faz homeworld, and the Utwig are either descended from the Faz or otherwise somehow related to them. There is precious little evidence to support such theories, as if this event indeed occurred the records are lost in the far distant past, at least to everyone but the Kzer-Za.