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[[Category:Game mechanics]]
[[Category:Game mechanics]]
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This page is guaranteed to be spoiler free. It is safe for you to read this page even if you have not completed playing The Ur-Quan Masters. Links you follow from this page do not share this guarantee unless they also include this text.

  • Make sure you visit every planet in the Sol system.
  • Radioactive Materials have been found on the moons orbiting the gas giants before. This could prove useful.
  • If you have difficulty with the first battle, try exploring the entire solar system first. It's bound to have some sources of interest.
  • Venus is a dangerous planet with a low mineral yield and is better left alone. Mercury can be very risky as well - unless you are skilled with landing, it is also better left alone.
  • Listen to what the starbase commander has to say.
  • Whatever you do, do NOT leave the Solar system until you are absolutely positive you have done all the missions there and explored all safe planets.