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The Pkunk Fury is often considered a weak ship in the game. Despite the fact that the ship isn't very powerful in crew or battery capacity, the speed and turning rate make it the best fighter in the game. The fact that it was a Pkunk Fury that defeated the Sa-Matra shows that it really can be very useful, if used properly.

A Fury has not one weapon, but three. Three miniguns firing in the left, right and in front of the ship. Those weapons fire super-heated metal pellets, but unfortunately because of that, the range of the weapon is very limited, since the pellets cool off fast. Although seemingly a weakness, this weapon can be used in may effective ways, one of them being the ring of death (do not mistake with Kohr-Ah's FRIED). They way to do so, is to start shooting and turning at the same time. A dense circle of shots will massacre any ship, marine, missile or other projectile in the range.

The Fury however has no generator. Although definitely a weird way to regain energy, the Pkunk can transform their psychic energy into heat and/or electricity by insulting their opponents. This is not done automatically, however - the secondary shot button is responsible for insulting your foe. Although you can't offend your opponent having 100% energy, it is a common tactic to shoot one pellet somewhere away and regenerate, just to provoke your enemy. Since the Fury is the fastest ship in the game, such provocation usually ends with the enemy being dotted with molten metal.

Since the Fury holds little crew, often two good shots from a Kohr-Ah, the Kzer-Za, or any other ship for that matter can annihilate the Fury instantly. However, once this happens, there is a small chance that the Fury will be reborn - fully crewed and with full energy. Although some say that pressing and holding the same key combination while dying helps, it is actually random. And since it is, it may happen that a lucky Pkunk will be reborn 10 times in a row. While not common, such luck can make even the most patient pilot go berserk.

The Fury can be a dangerous foe, mostly against slow and unmaneuverable ships. The VUX, for instance, can be ripped to shreads rather painlessly (for the Pkunk, that is!). However, many ships like the Utwig Jugger can stop moving and start firing in the directon of the Pkunk, in which case, the Fury has no way to attack. This tactic, known as pillboxing, works good against every short-ranged ship.

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The Thraddash is faster when using afterburners. -- SvdB (delete this line)