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aka Betelgeuse I
Orbit: 1.81 a.u. Mass: 0.60 e.s.
Atmo: 0.90 atm Radius: 0.85 e.s.
Temp: 19° c Gravity: 0.82 g.
Weather: Class 1 Day: 1.01 days
Tectonics: Class 1 Tilt:

In a star system at the edge of Ur-Quan space closest to Earth lies Gaia, home to the Syreen. Formally Betelgeuse I, it was given to the Syreen as a suitable planet in which to be slave-shielded after their defeat at the hands of the Ur-Quan Hierarchy. When the Syreen explained to the Ur-Quan that their original homeworld, Syra, had been destroyed and described its former beauty, the Ur-Quan searched their extensive planetary database and came up with the water world, Gaia.

It is orbited by a Starbase commanded by Talana.