Gaia Starbase

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Gaia Starbase
Gaia starbase.png

The Ur-Quan Starbase orbiting Gaia
Location: Betelgeuse I
Commander: Talana
Race: Syreen
Status: active

The Gaia Starbase is a non-canonical term for the Ur-Quan-built Starbase that has been in orbit of Betelgeuse I since the surrender of the Syreen, cerca 2134, in the Ur-Quan Slave War. The base is under the command of Talana, but no intelligence is available as to the crew size, or the frequency of Hierarchy resupply vessels.

In stark contrast its counterpart at Earth, the Gaia Starbase is not in critical condition when it is first encountered by The Flagship. This may (or not) be a fringe benefit of Gaia's position along the frontier of Ur-Quan Kzer-Za space.

If The Captain revives the Syreen Space Patrol, the base will serve as the command post for the Syreen contribution to the New Alliance of Free Stars, including the Ambush at Organon.