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Once you first finished the Star Control II game, you may like to play the game in another way. This page will describes various challenges that may make it interesting to replay the game.

The Challenges

Complete the optional quests

Some quests are optional. You may already have solved these quests when you first finished the games, but if you haven't, it's worth another play. Things you may want to do:

Time trial

Try to finish the game in as little time as possible. The best reported time so far is October 5 2155, without any optional quests.

Bounty Hunter

Get all RU's from combat salvage -- no mining allowed, nor buying fuel from the Melnorme or trading items for fuel from the Druuge.

Be the bad guy

The game gets significantly more difficult without your friends (particularly the Melnorme). Piss off everyone you meet, or attack at sight. To stay into character, name your "alliance" "The Empire of ...", and sell your crew to the Druuge. The game will still be completable this way, and you will see more funny lines of dialog you wouldn't see otherwise.

Don't visit the Starbase

A very difficult challenge, and it requires a lot of patience. Until you have access to the StarBase, every day in HyperSpace a Slylandro Probe will show up (even after you've acquired the self-destruct code). As you've got no way of upgrading your engines you can't outrun them, so be prepared to fight a lot, at least until you can get them to self-destruct. You will end up with mountains of money, but you've got nowhere to spend it. Among other problems are: you can't replenish your crew, so you're dependant on your good fighting skills and gifts of other races; you have no Emergency Warp Escape Unit, so you cannot run away from a fight in progress; and no slave trading.

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