Gamma Serpentis

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Gamma Serpentis is a yellow dwarf star located at 492.3 : 029.4 in the Serpentis constellation. The star system consists of the seven planets and four moons, and is the Yehat home star system.

Although not visible on the HyperSpace starmap or when navigating The Flagship in system, the star is described as being hidden within an energized nebula.1 The electromagnetic energies of the nebula were the main motivation for the development of the Yehat Terminator's unique, high-energy force shield. During the Ur-Quan Slave War, the nebula hid the Yehat home colonies for a time before being discovered by Hierarchy spies. Only at the tail end of the War, after defeating the bulk of the Alliance forces did the Hierarchy forces make a significant intrusion into the nebula towards the Yehat home star. Even though the Yehat had prepared a thousand starships for a final defense of their home system, when the Ur-Quan entered the Gamma Serpentis system the Veep-Neep Queen immediately surrendered and swore allegiance to the Ur-Quan.

The following is a list of planets and moons in this star system:

Notes and references[edit]

1From the Star Control PC manual (pg 26): "Yehats operate out of energized nebula which Dreadnoughts have rarely entered...The Terminators’ shield derives from the race’s electronebular origins." Also from the Sega campaign scenario The Nebula: "After an exhaustive search, Ur-Quan spies have discovered the nebula which holds the secret homeworlds of the Yehat."; note that this nebula is not represented in the game.