Glowing Rod

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The Glowing Rod is one of many apparently ancient albeit useless relics obtained by the Druuge from the Utwig in exchange for the Ultron. The Utwig, using the Ultron's own power, predicted that the secret of changing and purifying the racial nature of the Druuge was hidden in an Utwig cache of unidentifiable, unusable historical oddments, which also included Wimbli's Trident, and gave the Druuge these relics as a charitable act. The Druuge, angry at being cheated of their truly sought prize, the incredibly powerful Precursor bomb the Utwig had found, proceeded to unload as many of these relics on foolish travelers as they could.

The Glowing Rod was a large, staff-shaped cylinder that constantly emitted a constant, flickering pattern of light from its entire surface. However, this light pattern has no particular special properties, and the device simply generates light by drawing on the current of a source of electrical current hidden in a secret compartment — in this case, an ordinary set of batteries, probably put there by the Druuge. Though scientists cannot be certain, it seems probable that the Rod was only built as a toy or curiosity. The Druuge's claim that the Rod exhibits special properties when the phrase "Kyeee! Lykeee-lieee!" is pronounced is probably false.