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The two gods of Star Control (Paul on the left, Fred on the right)

Groombridge is a mysterious, white supergiant star at coordinates 996.0 : 904.2, at the end of the Rainbow Arrow. Orbiting it is a single planet, which is the final Rainbow World that forms the "point" of their arrow formation.


There was supposed to be an easter egg encounter with "bizarre, godlike incarnations" of the game's creators Paul Reiche III and Fred Ford at the Groombridge Rainbow World. The feature got scrapped due to Accolade's wish that the game was finished earlier, though the art was done and still remains.

More exactly, the idea was that The Captain had to compliment the two creators to receive some hints.1

Notes and references

1From the 2007 IRC chat with Toys for Bob (robot is Fred Ford, PR3 is Paul Reiche III):
23:44 <@Meep-Eep> <PRH_> Another question: can you tell us or at least give a hint what was supposed to be in the Groombridge dialogue?
23:46 <+robot> Groombridge was going to be another hint mechanism and miscellaneous crazy easter-egg stuff.
23:46 <+PR3> We intended the Groombridge dialog to be an automated player hint and Fred/Paul self-aggrandizing system. By complimenting us (presented as supreme brain demigods) you would curry our favor and receive the boon of secret knowledge.
From a mail by Fred Ford to a Star Control II player:
This was basically going to be an easter egg where you would be able to progress through a conversation tree much like any of the other alien race conversations. We were going to reveal interesting trivia and possibly pose questions to you which were impossible for you to answer correctly -- like which do you like better about this game: the design or the programming? And suddenly you might find yourself in the middle of Urquan space (ala the Talking Pet).