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Starbase Commander Hayes was the leading officer aboard the Human Starbase orbital space platform around Earth in the Sol planetary system during the time of the Second War, Captain Zelnick's first ally in his rebellion against the Hierarchy of Battle Thralls. He was transferred there 10 years after the Ur-Quan Hierarchy erected the slave shield around Earth.

During the First War, Hayes had served on board several Alliance ships, including a Shofixti Scout and an Earthling Cruiser. He is one of the survivors of the legendary battle at Draco, where the Ilwrath and Earthlings clashed. He took a leadership role in rebuilding Human society to a functioning level and smoothing Humanity's transition to status as a fallow slave species, which, along with his experience working in extraterrestrial environments, led him to be chosen by the Hierarchy to lead the second shift of Humans to serve aboard the Earth Starbase. During his time there the Doctrinal Conflict began, and Hayes found himself working in emergency conditions to keep the crew of the Starbase alive after resupply shipments stopped and the Starbase's life support systems began to fail. It was at this time that Zelnick's crew from Unzervalt contacted him, learned of the Alliance's defeat and offered their help restocking the Starbase and beginning a New Alliance of Free Stars to rebel against the Ur-Quan. Though his first priority after the war was maintaining the survival of the Human race, the increasing weakness of Ur-Quan oversight combined with the appearance of the new technology of the Vindicator and leadership of Zelnick gave Hayes hope, and he threw his lot in with Zelnick, beginning the Second War.

Commander Hayes was not only a military man; he was also an intellectual and knew a good bit of information about most alien races, recent history, the art of war, and current events, having studied history with Chenjesu scholars at the Star Control Academy. His knowledge was of great assistance to The Captain, as was his willingness to have his crew provide facilities for the Vindicator and the fleet of New Alliance.