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The High Perch of Caer Zeep-Reep is the seat of power of the ruler of the Yehat Clans. This is analgous to the ancient Human "throne" as a symbol of leadership. The identity of Zeep-Reep is unknown at this time, but it is highly likely that this is the name of a Yehat hero or warlord. The High Perch was unoccupied until the Veep-Neep Queen successfully united the Yehat Clans under one ruler.

Optional events

The High Perch was the exclusive domain of the Veep-Neep Queen until The Captain incites the Yehat Rebellion. The Yehat Rebels defeat the Yehat Royalists and install a Pkunk Queen, Braky Girdy the First as the new ruler of the Yehat Clans.