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Hyperspace is a dimension of seemingly infinite red emptiness, punctuated by the dark gravity-wells of massive trueSpace objects. It is filled with jumping arcs of bright energy, but has no native inhabitants.

The distances between any two stars in hyperSpace is astoundingly shorter than in trueSpace, allowing transit times on the order of days instead of decades. However, hyperSpace is not simply a "shrunken" map of trueSpace; the relative positions of certain stars in hyperSpace is quite different from their trueSpace positions. In general though, stars that are close in trueSpace are likely to be close in hyperSpace as well.

Travelers through hyperSpace do experience some friction however, so unlike travel through the vacuum of deep trueSpace, hyperspace travel requires a constant expenditure of fuel in order to maintain velocity.

HyperSpace engines create a sort of "bubble" around a ship. This bubble collapses — and the ship returns to trueSpace — if it approaches to close to a massive trueSpace object, such as a star, or if it comes in contact with another bubble, such as those created by other vessels travelling through hyperSpace.

Also know that hyperSpace has damn good background music, made by none other than Riku Nuottajärvi.