Ilwrath-Thraddash war

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Ilrwath-Thraddash War
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Ilwrath and Pkunk ships
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Location Thraddash space
Result Annihilation of both races.
Ilwrath Thraddash

The Ilwrath-Thraddash war ensues when the Ilwrath are directed by The Captain (who is impersonating Dogar and Kazon on Channel 44 via a HyperWave Broadcaster) to seek new prey instead of the Pkunk. They choose the Thraddash and proceed, with their ships cloaked, towards the Thraddash stars. The Ilwrath and the Thraddash fight to the death, unwilling to acknowledge their fate even in the last moments of the war. Eventually, the conflict leads to the mutual annihilation of the two races (though some suppose that there may be survivors).