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Interstar Credits are the units of exchange used by the Melnorme in order to facilitate trade. Since all sales and purchases with the Melnorme are translated into Interstar Credits, they may be described as a type of currency. However, the Melnorme would disagree with this description as they claim to have abandoned currency among themselves long ago.

The following table shows the equivalent value in Interstar Credits of various trade items:

Commodity Value
Sold by The Captain BioData 2 Credits per unit
Coordinates of a Rainbow World 500 Credits per planet
Purchased by The Captain Fuel 1 Credit per unit
Information 75 Credits per fact
New technology 150 Credits per technology
Other Data on the life in Source 10,000 Credits/"Gree-dots"
Catalog item 2418-B 10,000 Credits

By selling fuel bought from the Melnorme at the Earth Starbase, one Interstar Credit can be converted into 20 Resource Units; however, RU's cannot be converted back into Credits.

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