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[[Image:Star_control_i_VUX_intruder_databank.png|thumb|225px|Starship Databank Entry]]  
[[Image:Star_control_i_VUX_intruder_databank.png|thumb|225px|Starship Databank Entry]]  

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Starship Databank Entry

The VUX Intruder is both incredibly slow and hard to turn, but it compensates for this by utilizing limpet parasites to slow down enemy vessels.


The Intruder is a painfully slow ship with a low turning rate. But it is rather massive, and is greatly accelerated by a gravity whip maneuver.

The Intruder has the unique navigational ability to appear fairly close to an enemy ship when entering TrueSpace for combat. With luck, an Intruder can inflict serious damage on the other ship before it manages to get away.



Intruders are armed with a powerful gigawatt laser that can slice through any ship in a matter of seconds. Its modest range and rapid energy consumption demand a certain amount of skill in order for it to be used effectively, however.


An additional Intruder offensive weapon is the "limpet", which launches inside a protective cocoon which automatically targets enemy vessels. Upon nearing a target, the cocoon cracks, releasing the limpet to clamp down upon the enemy vessel's hull. While no crew are harmed when a limpet attaches, the combination of inflicted damage and added mass decreases a starship's maneuverability. Only after battle can a damaged ship remove the offending limpets.

Tactical Overview

A popular (and effective) tactic with the Intruder is to assume a standoff position and coat the enemy ship with so many limpets that it is effectively immobile, then close in from behind and finish them off. A well-timed gravity whip can assist in this strategy greatly.

Ships with powerful long-range weapons, especially homing ones such as those possessed by the Human Cruiser or Mycon Podship, are the bane of the Intruder. Once they achieve range, they can pummel the Intruder with impunity. An Intruder must either quickly close with such vessels and burn them down, or cripple them with limpets.

Intruder icon.png
3DO VUX Intruder
Basic stats
Crew: 20 Value: 12 pts
Battery: 40 Batt. Regeneration: 0.111 units/frame
Primary: Gigawatt Laser Secondary: Limpets
Refire delay: 0 frames Refire delay: 7 frames
Energy use: 1 units Energy use: 2 units
Max speed: 21 world units/frame Turn rate: 0.142 facings/frame
Acceleration: 1.4 units/frame Mass: 6