Jeffry L. Rand

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Jeffry L. Rand was the Human captain that made first contact with the VUX near Beta Mira in 2119 at the beginning of the First War. Previously unknown to any species but the Yehat, Rand's objective was to make a favorable impression on the VUX in order to secure their allegiance into the Alliance of Free Stars. There are apparently differing reports as to the identity Rand's starship. One account states that the Earthling Cruiser Miwok, captained by Rand, made first contact.1 Another account, admittedly hazy, attributes first contact to the starship Far Voyager, under the command of Captain Rand.2

Before even introducing himself on behalf of the human race, Rand made a fatal diplomatic blunder when he blurted an insulting remark to his lieutenant regarding the appearance of the VUX captain who had just appeared on the com-screen. Not knowing that the VUX had translated every word and that they were (and still are) an extremely vain race, all diplomatic relations were immediately severed before any ties were even sewn.

Needless to say, Rand's seemingly small affront cost the Alliance a valuable ally and gained them an adversary bitter to this very day. However, there are also reports that seem to indicate that the insult is just used as a pretext and that the VUX are actually compelled to fight the humans because they disgust them more than words can express (and therefore they have to use weapons).

Notes and references

1Star Control II manual, pg. 68. This also gives the year of the encounter as 2126.
2Conversation with Earth Starbase Commander Hayes, who also give the year of the encounter as 2119.