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Utwig Jugger Icon.png

The Utwig Jugger is one of the most dangerous ships in our region of space, thanks to its unique weapons and shield systems.


The Jugger is surprisingly fast for its size, although its acceleration is weak. But it is also outfitted with a set of amazingly powerful turning jets, and is capable of coming about as quickly as a vessel less than half its size.



The Jugger's main weapon is an array of six forward-facing, "energy spear" cannons powered by an extremely efficient combat dynamo system. With it, the cannons have a virtually limitless supply of energy, and are able to fire without drawing any energy from the combat batteries. With a moderate rate of fire and damage, a Jugger can obliterate most other ships with a few salvos. Each spear kills 1 crew members per hit.


The Jugger is equipped with a unique shielding system. It is capable of absorbing an almost limitless amount of punishment from both kinetic and energy-based attacks, and it in fact converts this energy for storage in its combat batteries! However, the vessel is not capable of replenishing energy on its own, so if the combat batteries run out, the shields are no longer usable. The only way for a Jugger to get its energy levels back up then is by leaving the combat theater; a Jugger always enters battle with its batteries at half of its maximum capacity.

Tactical Overview

The Jugger's shields consume energy when used, but they absorb energy from enemy attacks. Therefore, a skilled Jugger pilot who uses his shields only when necessary can keep his batteries fully charged and minimize damage to his ship. A corollary to this is that one should keep an eye on "skirmisher" weapons that require more energy to shield against than will be regained by shielding against them. Such weapons can slowly bleed the batteries dry, leaving captains in a vulnerable position.

The Jugger's massive size and poor acceleration make gravity wells particularly dangerous, since at full speed they can be difficult to avoid. This, combined with the excellent turning rate of the ship and unique weapons systems, make pillboxing a wildly popular tactic.

When fighting a computer-controlled Ur-Quan Dreadnought or Kohr-Ah Marauder, a most effective strategy is a full-on frontal assault. The computer makes a policy of firing as fast as it can, so on approach, absorb all the punishment they can dish out, and when their fuel tanks run dry, take a potshot or two from point-blank range. As soon as they get enough energy to fire back, they will, so keep the shields at the ready, and whittle them down to nothing with impunity. Indeed, some consider this ship to be more effective against Dreadnoughts AND Marauders than even the almighty Chmmr Avatar! It is worth noting, however, that Dreadnought fighters represent a hole in this strategy, as their attacks do not appreciably replenish the Jugger's shields, and once shield energy is exhausted the Jugger can easily be picked apart.

One thing to note is that a Jugger's shields do not absorb energy from an Androsynth Guardian in its Blazer form. While the Jugger won't take damage from the Guardian's Blazer form, it also cannot re-energize its Batteries from it. It can, however, re-energize from the molecular acid spheres the Guardian fires, just like it might from any other standard projectile.

Good Against

Umgah Drone. All an Utwig captain has to do is allow the Drone to fire upon the Jugger for a while, allowing the Jugger to fully replenish its batteries. After this, the Utwig captain merely has to get out of the Umgah's effective range, and rip the Drone to pieces.

Kohr-Ah Marauder. As noted above, a direct frontal assault is often the best tactic. The Marauder is not quite fast enough to outrun the Jugger on its own, and well-timed use of the energy shield will allow the Jugger to withstand both the homing mines and the F.R.I.E.D. without damage. Once weapons range is achieved, there is little the Marauder can do to prevent the Jugger's endless salvoes from reducing it to scrap. The Jugger captain must remain alert, however, for any already-fired mines that may be slowly closing in; concentrating solely on shielding against direct shots can lead to indirect casualties.

Jugger icon.png
3DO Utwig Jugger
Basic stats
Crew: 20 Value: 22 pts
Battery: 20 Batt. Regeneration: 0 units/frame
Primary: Energy spears Secondary: Absorption shield
Refire delay: 7 frames Refire delay: 12 frames
Energy use: 0 units Energy use: 1 units
Max speed: 36 world units/frame Turn rate: 0.5 facings/frame
Acceleration: 0.86 units/frame Mass: 8