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Jupiter as seem from orbit
Jupiter and it's moons

Jupiter is the fifth planet in the Sol system, which can be found at HyperSpace coordinates 175.2 : 145.0. It is a Gas Giant With many moons; Io, Europa, Callisto, and Ganymede

Orbit: 5.20 a.u. Mass: 337.1 e.s.
Atmo: Super Thick Radius: 11.2 e.s.
Temp: -143 C Gravity: 2.68 g.
Weather: Class 8 Day: 0.40 days
Tectonics: None Tilt: 3

Jupiter is the largest planetary body in the solar system. As a Gas Giant, it is unexplorable by current technology. As such there is no way to determine what if any sort of surface eatures it might contain beneath the massive atmosphere.