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Katana is the brother of Tanaka, possibly the last two Shofixti males to survive the gigantic Glory Device explosion at the end of the Ur-Quan Slave War; at the time that The Captain went searching for the remnants of the Shofixti, Melnorme intelligence gave these two as the last known survivors of the Shofixti military.

Given the enormously fast breeding rates and complex genealogies of the Shofixti, and due to the chaos of the guerilla-like effort of the New Alliance during the Second Doctrinal Conflict, records are incomplete, but common belief is that either Katana or Tanaka was the individual who contacted The Captain, and with his help became the progenitor of the reborn Shofixti race. Rumors have it that Tanaka met The Captain first, but The Captain killed him due to a misunderstanding, upon which he later met Katana. However other records ignore this story and claim that The Captain's dealings were entirely with Tanaka, and that Katana had not, in fact, survived the war. The generally-accepted claim is that Tanaka is the true Shofixti progenitor and the story of Katana is a spurious one.

In the game, if The Captain kills Tanaka, Katana shows up and vows revenge for the death of his brother much in the way Tanaka vows revenge for the death of his whole race. The Captain can convince Katana to join the Alliance much in the same way he could have convinced Tanaka. The game designers likely provided Katana as a "backup" in case the Captain accidentally kills Tanaka the first time around. There is little confusion between the two individuals because further game dialogs do not refer to Tanaka or Katana by name.