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The Keel-Verezy are a race once mentioned by Melnorme Trade master Greenish. Apparently, one time when the Captain aproached the Melnorme ship to trade, they almost crashed with a Keel-Verezy ship. The fact that they could not see it suggests that the Keel-Verezy have a cloaking technology far more advanced than the Ilwrath Avenger ships. It is also possible that the Keel-Verezy are an incredibly small starfaring race, and were simply not noticed by the Captain.

Greenish also told the Captain that the Keel-Verezy expressed great interest in Humanity's struggle to free itself from the Hierarchy, but were hesitant to introduce themselves to humans in fear of... frightening them.

No other information about Keel-Verezy is available at this time.