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Kyabetsu is the former homeworld of the noble Shofixti. Orbiting the star Delta Gorno, it was once a lush, earth-like planet with vast forests and tall mountains. The Shofixti built cities and mud-fortresses on its many continents, and lived in a feudal society until the Yehat arrived and lifted them technologically and culturally to the level of a starfaring species.

When the Kzer-Za arrived and defeated the Alliance of Free Stars, the Shofixti, who were about to be enslaved, made the ultimate sacrifice. They blew up their sun with a device similar to their Scout glory devices, except with a level of power akin to the Utwig Bomb. The partial nova destroyed hundreds of Hierarchy vessels but also struck their homeworld with devasting effects. As a result the Shofixti race is now nearly extinct and Kyabetsu is a battered, airless planet devoid of any life.