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Kyabetsu is the former homeworld of the noble Shofixti. Orbiting the star Delta Gorno, it was once a lush, earth-like planet with vast forests and tall mountains. The Shofixti built cities and mud-fortresses on its many continents, and lived in a feudal society until the Yehat arrived and lifted them technologically and culturally to the level of a starfaring species.

When the Kzer-Za arrived and defeated the Alliance of Free Stars, the Shofixti, who were about to be enslaved, made the ultimate sacrifice. They blew up their sun with an explosive device identical to the Utwig Bomb. The partial nova destroyed hundreds of Hierarchy vessels but also struck their homeworld with devasting effects. As a result the Shofixti race is now nearly extinct and Kyabetsu is a battered, airless planet devoid of any life.