List of Druuge trade goods

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The Druuge offer several useful (and useless) items for sale at their homeworld at Zeta Persei I. While the Druuge normally will take only slaves as payment for their goods, they are willing to barter for certain artifacts.

Goods for sale

  1. The Rosy Sphere (necessary to fix the Ultron) - 100 crew
  2. Wimbli's Trident (useless) - 100 crew
  3. The Glowing Rod (useless) - 100 crew
  4. Mauler Starships - 100 crew
  5. Fuel - 10 crew for 10 units

Artifact trades

The Druuge are willing to buy the following items from The Captain. Before the first artifact trade, the Druuge will offer to give The Captain the Rosy Sphere in exchange for his artifact, rather than the listed price.

  1. The Shofixti Maidens - Six Maulers
  2. Deep Child Egg Case Fragments (the Druuge will buy only two of these) - One Mauler
  3. The Burvixese HyperWave Broadcaster - As much fuel as the Flagship will hold
  4. The QuasiSpace Portal Spawner - Three Maulers and as much fuel as the Flagship will hold