List of Gem Worlds

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Revision as of 23:23, 15 March 2019 by Ogdbon (talk | contribs) (This page has not yet been completed, as it is a long and exhausting process to visit every single star in the game to confirm if it has a gem world. If you have come across any stars with gem worlds (ruby, emerald, sapphire), please add them to this page)
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    Gem worlds (Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire) are one of he most sought after planets in the game, as the contain large amounts of exotic minerals, which are worth 25 resource units. This page should help you find some of these very valuable worlds.
    Beta Lyrae contains a Ruby World, which is a red star southeast of Sol. It is the most easily accessible gem world.
    Gamma Vulpeculae has an Emerald World. It is the green star directly southeast of Alpha Vulpeculae, the green supergiant surrounded by 6 green dwarfs.
    The red giant just over 5 fuel units away from Sol, Alpha Centauri, is known for containing 2 Ruby Worlds. The extreme heat makes gathering dangerous, but it also amplifies the value of both of these worlds by a large amount. Definitely visit these worlds if you have the heat shields on your landers, or, if you are a skilled dodger, you might as well get the exotics from them as soon as possible.
    Delta Tauri contains 3! sapphire worlds. It is a white star directly north of Ilwrath Space. This is enough to nearly fill an entire storage bay with exotics.
    Procyon has a Sapphire World, although the surface cannot be explored as it is the Chmmr homeworld.
    A Sapphire World can be found in Beta Circini, located just south of Arilou space.
    Beta Chandrasekhar, the white star on top of Arilou space, contains an Emerald World.
    There is a Ruby World at Beta Opiuchi, a red star southeast of the northwest corner of space.
    The giant white star Alpha Columbae is home to a Sapphire World. It is located west of Arilou Space. The heat amplifies the amount on minerals that can be gathered.
    Beta Normae has a Sapphire World. It is a white star to the southwest of Umgah space.
    A Sapphire World can be found in Alpha Velorum, a red star in between Ilwrath and Umgah space.
    Epsilon Volantis is the home of an Emerald World. It is a green star near the heart of Ilwrath space.
    The green star Gamma Volantis directly east of Epsilon Volantis also has an Emerald world.
    Eta Giclas is home to an Emerald World. it is near the bottom of Pkunk space.