List of Precursor relics

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Evidences of the Precursors have been found almost everywhere in the galaxy, ranging from text fragments to massive starships. The Sentient Milieu was known to have discovered, studied and sought out Precursor relics. During the First War between the Alliance of Free Stars and the Ur-Quan Hierarchy, there were sporadic discoveries of mining installations, colony installations, and knowledge tablets left behind by the Precursors. The knowledge tablets contained the designs for advanced technology that could be immediately applied to starships. Similarly, during the Second War Precursor relics prove vital to The Captain's success in defeating the Ur-Quan.

Relics identified as Precursor

These have been identified either first-hand or by other alien races as being of Precursor origin.

Relics of suspected Precursor origin

While not explicitly identified as such, the following are suspected of being of Precursor origin.