List of devices

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Appearance Name Acquired
Aquhelix shrine.png Aqua helix.png Aqua Helix Stolen from the Thraddash at Zeta Draconis I
Burvix hyperwave caster.png Burvix caster cargo.png Burvixese HyperWave Broadcaster Recovered from the moon around the former Burvixese homeworld, Arcturus Ia
Clear spindle.png Clear Spindle Received from the Pkunk at their homeworld, Gamma Krueger I.
Egg case planet.png Egg case cargo.png Deep Child Egg Case Fragments (3 available) Recovered from one of the Shattered Worlds: Beta Copernicus I, Gamma Scorpii I, or Gamma Brahe I
Glowing rod.png Glowing Rod NOTE:USELESS!Traded for with the Druuge, at Zeta Persei I
Moon base.png Moon base cargo.png Moon Base Recovered from Earth's moon.
Quasispace portal spawner.png QuasiSpace Portal Spawner Built by the Arilou Lalee'lay at their homeworld in QuasiSpace, using the Ur-Quan Warp Pod.
Rosy sphere.png Rosy Sphere Obtained, usually by trade, at the Druuge homeworld of Zeta Persei I.
Shofixti maidens.png Shofixti maidens cargo.png Shofixti Maidens Recovered from Alpha Cerenkov I after handing over the VUX Beast to Admiral ZEX
(no image exists) Slylandro Probe Self-Destruct Code Acquired from the Slylandro at the Beta Corvi.
Sun device.png Sun device cargo.png Sun Device Stolen from the Mycon at Beta Brahe I
Syreen Shuttle.png Syreen Shuttle Placed onboard The Flagship by Talana at the Betelgeuse I Starbase.
Taalo shield.png Taalo shield cargo.png Taalo Shield Recovered from the former Taalo homeworld, Delta Vulpeculae IIc
Talking Pet cargo.png Talking Pet (device) Captured on Beta Orionis I, the Umgah homeworld
Ultron Broken cargo.png Ultron Perfect cargo.png Ultron Received from the first Supox you meet.
Umgah hyperwave caster.png Umgah caster cargo.png Umgah HyperWave Broadcaster Found on Epsilon Gruis Ia, after Spathi slave-shield their homeworld
Urquan crash.png Urquan warp pod.png Ur-Quan Warp Pod Found on Alpha Pavonis VII in a crashed Ur-Quan Dreadnought
Utwig bomb.png Utwig bomb cargo.png Utwig Bomb Recovered from the Druuge on Zeta Hyades VIb. The Utwig grant it to you after returning the repaired Ultron to them.
Lifez.0.png VUX beast cargo.png VUX Beast Captured on Delta Lyncis I
Wimblis trident.png Wimbli's Trident NOTE:USELESS!Traded for with the Druuge, at Zeta Persei I

All items located on inhabited worlds can also be aquired by recovering them after the Kohr-Ah have annihilated that world's inhabitants.