List of homeworlds

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Race Status (at start of Star Control II) Star Constellation Planet Type Coordinates Notes
Algolites Extinct (Killed in an accident) Algol IV Purple 900.0 : 325.0 Visited by the Spathi who accidentally stripped off the atmosphere
Androsynth Disappeared (taken by "Them") Eta Vulpeculae II Telluric 358.7 : 256.6 Lived on Earth from 2070 until the Clone Revolt of 2085
Arilou Living Unknown QuasiSpace 613.4 : 590.0 Named "Falayalaralfali" & QuasiSpace Portal Spawner can be found here
Burvixese Extinct (exterminated by Kohr-Ah) Arcturus I Redux 964.5 : 579.1 Burvix Caster can be found on its moon
Chenjesu Undergoing The Process Procyon II Sapphire 074.2 : 226.8 Slave-shielded by the Ur-Quan
Chmmr Nascent Procyon II Sapphire 074.2 : 226.8 Slave-shielded by the Ur-Quan
Dnyarri Devolved (by Ur-Quan to Talking Pets) Unknown Unknown Called Glilandy or Benteflork by the neo-Dnyarri
Druuge Living Zeta Persei I Dust 946.9 : 280.6 The Central Trade World of the Crimson Corporation, the Rosy Sphere, Glowing Rod, and Wimbli's Trident can be found here
Humans Living Sol III Water 175.2 : 145.0 Besides, Earth, Humans also had a colony at Unzervalt
Ilwrath Living Alpha Tauri I Primordial 022.9 : 366.6 Location of the Ilwrath religious leaders that can receive and intrepret the will of Dogar and Kazon
Melnorme Living Unknown Unknown Presumably the same as their ancestors, the Mael-Num, the Melnorme claim to be willing to sell their homeworld information for a price
Mmrnmhrm Undergoing The Process Virginis Unknown Unknown Actual place of origin unknown, Mother-Ark located on some moon in the Virginis constellation
Mycon Living Epsilon Scorpii I Shattered 629.1 : 220.8 Source of Juffo-Wup
Orz Living Gamma Vulpeculae I Water 371.3 : 253.7 Orz call it their *house*
Pkunk Living Gamma Krueger I Water 052.2 : 052.5 Peaceful enclave set up by Pkunk after leaving the Yehat homeworld (Gamma Serpentis I), location of the Clear Spindle
Shofixti Living Delta Gorno I Selenic 290.8 : 026.9 Named "Kyabetsu" by the Shofixti and destroyed by the self-inflicted Nova
Slylandro Living Beta Corvi I Gas Giant 033.3 : 981.2 Named "Source" by the Slylandro
Spathi Living Epsilon Gruis I Water 241.6 : 368.7 Called "Spathiwa" by Spathi, the Spathi have relocated to their moon
Supox Living Beta Librae I Water 741.4 : 912.4 The Supox call their planet "Vlik" meaning "Perfectly Good and Nutritious Dirt"
Syreen Living Betelgeuse I Water 412.5 : 377.0 The Syreen named their world "Gaia" and their old world Syra (Beta Copernicus I), which was destroyed by a Mycon Deep Child
Taalo Unknown Delta Vulpeculae II-C Treasure 372.1 : 261.9 Location of the Taalo Shield
Thraddash Living Delta Draconis I Water 253.5 : 835.8
Umgah Living Beta Orionis I Telluric 197.8 : 596.8 The neo-Dnyarri can be found on this planet
Utwig Living Beta Aquarii I Water 863.0 : 869.3 Called "Fahz" by the Utwig
VUX Living Beta Luyten I Redux 433.3 : 168.7
Yehat Living Gamma Serpentis I Water 492.3 : 029.4 Location of the High Perch of Caer Zeep-Reep
Zebranky Extinct (killed by the Zoq-Fot-Pik) Alpha Tucanae I Redux 400.0 : 543.7
Zoq-Fot-Pik Living Alpha Tucanae I Redux 400.0 : 543.7