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This is a list of local names, that is, names for stars, planets, etc. other than those appearing on the star map, essentially the names that other species have, usually for their homeworlds, etc.

Sol is the only planetary system on the star map that appears outside the usual scheme of planet names, this is possibly to reflect that the star map itself is a Human creation.


The list here is sorted by species.

Local name Star map name Notes


Unzervalt Vela I Meaning (possibly from German) "our world".


Green Eye of Dogar Alpha Tauri


source of Juffo-Wup Epsilon Scorpii I


Taalo *playground* Delta Vulpeculae II-C


Kyabetsu Delta Gorno I


Source Beta Corvi IV


Yuffo Epsilon Gruis
Spathiwa Epsilon Gruis I


Root Beta Librae
Vlik Beta Librae I The direct translation of the name is "Earth", like Earth or more accurately "Perfectly Good and Nutritious Dirt", as such it causes some initial confusion for The Captain when meeting the Supox.


Syra Beta Copernicus I
Gaia Betelgeuse I


Fahz Beta Aquarii I


Linch-Nas-Ploh Lyncis From an ancient wildlife handbook by some unknown alien author, loosely translated to "the long, thin creature who has swallowed the huge beast".