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Below is a list of all Star Control 2 ships.

Standard ships

Ship Race Short description1
Avatar icon.png Avatar Chmmr Large. Super laser. Point-defense ZapSats, tractor beam.
Avenger icon.png Avenger Ilwrath Large. Devastating flame blast. Cloaking device.
Blade icon.png Blade Supox Fast, maneuverable. Slides in any direction. Quick-firing weapon.
Broodhome icon.png Broodhome Chenjesu Big. Crystal fragment weapon. Breeds pesky doggies.2
Cruiser icon.png Cruiser Earthling Slow, heavy. Seeking nukes. Point defense lasers.
Dreadnought icon.png Dreadnought Ur-Quan Kzer-Za Huge, slow. Heavy weapon. Launches fighters.
Drone icon.png Drone Umgah Stubby and slow. Anti-matter cone. Zips backwards.
Eluder icon.png Eluder
Spathi Very fast. Large, cowardly crew. Rear firing weapon.
Fury icon.png Fury Pkunk Extremely fast, maneuverable. May resurrect. Insults enemy.
Guardian icon.png Guardian Androsynth Pokey. Blows mean bubbles. Changes to flaming comet.
Intruder icon.png Intruder VUX Clumsy. Powerful laser. Spawns limpet parasites.
Jugger icon.png Jugger Utwig Big, maneuverable. Absorbent shields. Main cannons need no energy.
Marauder icon.png Marauder Ur-Quan Kohr-Ah Has long-range spinning metal blades, ring of fire. Scary.
Mauler icon.png Mauler Druuge Weak engine. Powerful, large momentum weapon. Combustible crew.
Nemesis icon.png Nemesis Orz Rotating turret. Space marines board enemy ships and kill crew.
Penetrator icon.png Penetrator Syreen Lithe space vixens who steal enemy's crew.
Podship icon.png Podship Mycon Very slow. Homing plasma torpedo. Grows new crew.
Probe icon.png Probe Slylandro Reverses direction instantly. Absorbs asteroids. Comes in peace.
Scout icon.png Scout Shofixti Tiny, fast. Can self-destruct.
Skiff icon.png Skiff Arilou Lalee'lay Fast, no inertia. Auto-aim laser. Hyper-jump.
Stinger icon.png Stinger Zoq-Fot-Pik Weak, small. Rapid anti-matter spray. Short-range special tongue attack.
Terminator icon.png Terminator Yehat Agile. Rapid-fire, twin missiles. Shield.
Torch icon.png Torch Thraddash Powerful afterburner accelerates ship, burns enemy.
Trader icon.png Trader Melnorme Charge main weapon for more damage. Can scramble enemy controls.
X-Form icon.png X-Form Mmrnmhrm Transforms from a slow, heavy to a light, quick ship.

Unique ships (full game only)

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Notes and references

1For the ships that appear in Star Control, these are the ComSim descriptions from the ship selection menu of Practice mode in that game. For ships unique to Star Control II, similar short descriptions are based on gameplay.
2The Amiga version says "breeds pesky DOGIs".