List of weapons

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Race Ship Weapon #1 Damage Notes Weapon #2 Damage Notes
Androsynth Guardian Acid Bubbles 2 Follows using Chaos(TM) tracking - as the Star Control 1 DataBank says. Equivalent to wobbling. Blazer Mode 3 per hit transforms into an inertialess comet that does damage by ramming foe, and cannot change back until battery is expended
Arilou Skiff Ventral laser 1 Automatically aims at foe Random Teleport 0 Teleports the Skiff to a random point on the map
Chenjesu Broodhome Photon Crystal Shard 6 for direct hit, 2 for shattered piece travels outward until fire is released, then shatters. D.O.G.I. 0 Follows foe and saps battery power
Chmmr Avatar Terawatt Laser 2 Continuous laser that damages VERY fast Tractor Beam 0 pulls foe closer
Druuge Mauler High-recoil Cannon 6 Throws Druuge backwards Burn Crew 1 (to self) Destroys 1 crew to recharge battery
Earthling Cruiser MX Nuclear Missile 4 Uses "Fire-and-forget" tracking SDI Point Defense Laser 1 Shoots down nearby weapon shots or shoots at enemy's hip if in range
Ilwrath Avenger Hellfire Spout 1 Very fast-firing, must uncloak to use Cloaking Field 0 Disappears, but cannot fire
Kohr-Ah Marauder Spinning Blade 1 flies until fire is released, then stops and tracks nearby ships F.R.I.E.D. 3 Fires in all directions at once
Melnorme Trader Charging Shot (Keel-Verezy origin) 2/4/6/8 Does more damage the longer fire is held Confusion ray 0 Disables secondary fire, and lock foe into spinning in one direction
Mmrnmhrm X-Form Missiles 1 track, only in Y-Wing form Lasers 1 hit very fast, must be in X-Wing Form
Mycon Podship Homing Plasmoid 1-10 dissipates over time and hits to the shot Regrow Crew -4 (to self) Regrows 4 crew
Orz Nemesis Howitzer 3 Can rotate turret and fire at any angle Space Marine varies Launches a space marine that boards foe's ship and attacks the crew, will likely die as it it infiltrating.
Pkunk Fury Triple-mounted hot metal minigun 1 fires from front and both sides Insult 0 recharges 2 battery
Shofixti Scout Mendokusai Energy Dart 1 Glory Device 14 kamikaze attack that destroys the Scout (must press 3 times to use)
Slylandro Probe Lightning Beam 1 always aims to enemy re-energize 0 allows probe to "scoop" asteroids and convert them to a full battery
Spathi Eluder plasma pellet 1 B.U.T.T 2 fires from rear
Supox Blade Sprout Gun 1 Lateral Thrusting System 0 allow easy strafing
Syreen Penetrator Particle Beam Stiletto 2 Syreen Song varies according to distance causes crew to jump ship. Can be picked up by either side.
Thraddash Torch Mark VI Blaster 1 Reeunk Afterburner 2 Launches Torch ahead, leaving a trail of fire for foe to crash through
Umgah Drone Antimatter Cone 1 fires continuously, takes no energy Reverse Jump 0 launches Drone backwards and then cancels all momentum
Ur-Quan Dreadnought Fusion Blast 4 Launch Fighters varies launches 2 autonomous fighters that attack the enemy. Each of their shots do 1 damage.
Utwig Jugger Beam weapon array 1 fires 6 at once, takes no energy Absorption shield 0 converts all damage taken into battery power
VUX Intruder Gigawatt Laser 1 Limpet Parasite Cocoon 0 slows down foe
Yehat Terminator Twin Ion Pulse Cannons 1 Force Shield 0 blocks all damage
Zoq-Fot-Pik Stinger Spread gun 1 inaccurate Tongue Attack 12 point-blank range