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The [[Kohr-Ah]] [[Marauder]] is a very powerful vessel rivaling the [[Kzer-Za|Ur-Quan]] [[Dreadnought]]. It is armed with spinning sawblades and a destructive F.R.I.E.D. system. The ship has been described as being ominously black, as dark as space, with an alien script carved upon the hull producing a "crusty" appearance.
Comparable in size, speed, acceleration and turning to an Ur-Quan Dreadnought, what the Marauder lacks in grace it more than makes up for with its devastating weapons systems.
In combat, the Marauder launches spinning metal-blade disks with a near-limitless range and a short-range homing capability.  When launched, they will travel in a given direction as long as the fire button is held down, and when it is released, they will stop and hold their position.  As an enemy ship approaches, the disks will slowly close in on it, causing massive damage on contact.
The "Fiery Ring of Inevitable and Eternal Destruction," or F.R.I.E.D., is a ring of superheated plasma that expands from the Marauder and annihilates anything in its path. If a F.R.I.E.D. shot and an enemy projectile collide, the F.R.I.E.D. will always win.  This property makes them very useful for defense. Using F.R.I.E.D. consumes half of the maximum battery.
==Tactical Overview==
Overall, the Kohr-Ah Marauder is one of the most powerful ships in the Quadrant.  Its weapon systems make it an effective opponent at any range, and the primary weapon is particularly useful in "setting traps"; surrounding an enemy ship with blades on all sides and letting them close in.
Its firing rate is slower than the Dreadnought, and its weapons do less damage, but the range and homing abilities more than make up for it.
Strong against: Most Ships; particularly the Chmmr Avatar, as the F.R.I.E.D. burns ZapSats instantly.
Weak against: The [[Utwig]] [[Jugger]] and [[Yehat]] [[Terminator]] can use their shields to absorb the Marauder's attacks, and nimble ships like the [[Spathi]] [[Eluder]], [[Supox]] [[Blade]] and [[Pkunk]] [[Fury]] can evade incoming fire when flown by skilled pilots.

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