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General Overview

One of the single most troublesome ships in the game. The Mauler’s slow, ungainly reactions make it a difficult ship to play with. Mastering the correct usage of the high-recoil cannon is not easy and the slow battery regeneration turns the Mauler into a vulnerable ship. Yet, when correctly used against certain ships, the Mauler can prove a deadly adversary. Correct usage of recoil effects would allow for great targeting and quick evasion.

Main Weapon: High-Recoil Cannon

Takes four points of battery and does six points of damage. The high-recoil cannon’s fast shots can pummel an unwary enemy from long distance. The recoil itself can propel the Mauler into “hyperspacing speed” which can be a double-edged sword. The recoil-effect, combined with the Furnace, nominate the Mauler as one of the few ships that are actually DANGEROUS to a Chmmr Avatar. Aiming takes a while to master but the shots are hard to evade.

Special System: The Furnace

At first, this appears to be the single most useless special system available – Throwing a crewman into the furnace to fill half-way of the battery. But when thinking of the possible action – The Mauler actually never runs out of battery power. This is especially useful against the Avatar where you can use the high-recoil cannon and the supply of battery power to keep out of the Avatar’s Tractor-and-Laser tactic, pummeling it to dust. Other than that, it is recommended that you be as cheap as possible on throwing people into the furnace.

Tactical Overview

The Mauler is a very specific ship – It has its advantages only versus specific ships. It is very vulnerable.

Strong against: Chmmr Avatar. Shofixti Scout - The high-recoil would allow the Mauler to stay out of the Glory Device’s range and it only needs one hit to send the Scout to hell. The Ilwrath Avenger will have a hard time against it too. When flown really masterfully it can also tear ships such as the Earthling (Humans) Cruiser apart.

Weak Against: Whoa. What not? The Marauder’s spinning blades, the Arilou Skiff can easily lay an ambush, the Vux Limpets, The Slylandro Probe and Pkunk Fury speed. The X-form’s long-range missiles, the Kzer-za Dreadnought]’s fighters, Chenjesu Broodhome DOGIs, the Orz Nemesis’ marines and the Mycon Podship Can easily wear-down the crew complement. The Utwig Jugger loves meeting the Mauler in battle.

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