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The robotic Mmrnmhrm.
Homeworld: Original unknown, now Procyon II
Coordinates: 074.2 : 226.8
Member of: Alliance of Free Stars
Ship: X-form

The Mmrnmhrm were mechanical beings that were churned out of the huge Mother Ark about a millennium ago on some planet in the Virginis constellation. The origin and purpose of the Mother Ark which created the millions of sentient machines are unknown. Some human military commanders believe that the Mmrnmhrm were the first stage in a colonization effort by a distant alien culture, which would follow and colonize the planets within the Mmrnmhrm sphere of influence. The Spathi said that they've had contact with the Mmrnmhrm before the First War, when they tried to colonize Beta Hercullis, which was under Spathi's "sphere of influence". Spathi explained this to Mmrnmhrm, which then left the system.

In time the Mmrnmhrm met the Chenjesu and their co-operation and friendship became the foundation for the Alliance of Free Stars. After the Alliance lost to the Hierarchy in the First War, the Mmrnmhrm, along with the Chenjesu, asked to be encased within a slave shield on Procyon II, the Chenjesu homeworld.

During the First War the Mmrnmhrm flew their adaptable X-form starships.

The Mmrnmhrm are no more, having been synthesized with the Chenjesu to form a new hybrid race, the Chmmr, to fight against the Hierarchy. This was a logical solution for the Mmrnmhrm, as no more of their species could be made after the Mother Ark shut down.