Moon Base

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A base established by the Ur-Quan Kzer-Za after the subjugation of Earth. Due to the central role the humans had played in the Alliance of Free Stars, as well as their planet's abundance in natural resources and industrial capacity and the humans' demonstrated aptitude for tenacity and cunning, the Ur-Quan opted to leave a larger-than-usual garrison to keep watch over the enslaved humans. They left a force consisting of the two neighboring combat thrall races, the Spathi and the Ilwrath, to form an "Earthguard" garrison on Earth's moon.

Unfortunately, when the Kzer-Za disappeared to fight the Doctrinal Conflict, discipline broke down, and the Ilwrath, the leading forces of the Earthguard, soon left to join in the hunting of the Pkunk that had been dictated by Dogar and Kazon. Their remaining Spathi subordinates soon let their paranoia get the better of them, slowly migrating their base from Luna to Mars to Ganymede and so on, hoping to put distance between themselves and the humans so as to minimize the chance of having to fight an escaped rebel human force without backup. In order to prevent either their Ur-Quan masters or their human charges from learning about their cowardice, they carefully rigged an automated system to make the Luna base continue to appear active, constantly running the base's life-support systems, programming robots to move dirt and rocks around to simulate construction projects, and constantly broadcasting a Melnorme FunRom over transmission channels to simulate radio chatter. The ruse was successful, keeping the few humans on the Starbase intensely worried about the Earthguard until Captain Zelnick finally came along to prove its disappearance.