Multiplayer Melee Suggestions

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The following are some suggestions for getting the most out of multiplayer Melee.

  1. Create 100, 200, and 250 point teams for standard play.
    • Obviously, specialty teams can be entertaining as well, i.e. all Pkunk, etc.
  2. Only fight evenly-matched teams (100 vs. 100, 200 vs. 200, etc.) unless both players agree on a handicap.
  3. Allow only one Ur-Quan, Kohr-Ah, Chenjesu, and Chmmr per team.
    • Some suggest adding the Melnorme to this list.
  4. Allow only two of any other ship per team.
    • Some suggest allowing unlimited Shofixti, and a All-Shofixti match can be fun indeed.
  5. Decide on either all random choice during ship selection, or not, before beginning the match. Ignoring the agreed-upon restriction should be an immediate forfeit.
  6. Interfering directly with the other player or his keyboard controls should be an immediate forfeit. However, psychological warfare, i.e. trash-talk, should probably be allowed.
  7. If more than two people want to play, decide on an appropriate hot-seat scheme.
    • Some suggest best of three matches.
  8. Choose key bindings that allow the maximum comfort for two players on one keyboard.
  9. If playing Star Control 2 DOS Melee, a keyboard buffer utility is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
    • Otherwise, good luck with the Melnorme-vs-Melnorme match.