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the Mycon are a strange race of creatures that nest in near the Brahe and Scorpii constallations. They are neither animals nor plants, closest resemblance to them would be fungus. To Humans Mycon living conditions would most accurately be called "hellish", thriving in temperatures close to the melting point of lead.

Conversations with the Mycon are very hard, their way of thinking is so alien that only the Orz would be more weird. The Mycon constantly ramble about "Juffo-Wup", "the Non" and "the Void", and seem like they have been possessed by multiple different personalities. They are usually very hostile against all other species, except beings that have superior powers(Ur-Quan). Infact the Mycon are the only known race to actively seek out the Ur-Quan in order to become a Battle Thrall.

Mycon colonize many words, launching their "deep children" deep into the crust of planets surface, where their tendrils grow, molding the enviroment of the planet to the Mycons liking (a shattered lava world). Mycon prefer warm, living Water worlds in which to plant these seed. Tragically one of these was Syra, Syreens homeworld.