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General Overview

Always a worthy adversary. Underestimating the Nemesis would likely be the last mistake anyone can ever make. Like its name suggests, the Orz ship is a goddess of revenge, coming to inflict pain and vengeance on the galaxy. The Nemesis is fairly quick and has a fair turn-rate. Never, under any circumstances, chase after the nemesis!

Main Weapon/Special system: Rotating Howitzer

The Howitzer inflicts deadly damage and its shots are fast and medium-ranged. The rotational turret allows usage as a strafing weapon or as a backwards utilized attacker-repellent.

Special Action: Marines (GoGos)

Using their armored exo-skeleton, Orzine marines exit the ship from the aft portholes and enter an enemy ship by burning a hole in the hull. They then start roaming the enemy ship’s corridors, killing every crewman in sight. Especially useful in large groups, the marines can blast a ship entirely by themselves. Warlike creatures such as Ur-Quan, Chmmr, Yehat and Shofixti usually put up a better resistance than peaceful or cowardly creatures like the Spathi, Chenjesu and Mycon. The marine tactic of using a planet wrap-around slingshot maneuver to gain speed aids them against some ships.

Tactical Overview

A very effective ship that rarely fails.

Strong against: Kzer-Za Dreadnought and to some degree Kohr-Ah Marauder are both in danger. The Chenjesu Broodhome is virtually helpless against the marines as is the VUX Intruder and the Mycon Podship. The marines cling on to the Yehat Terminator until the shield goes down and while they are repelled by the Utwig Jugger Shield, no fuel is gained and so they can be used to take down the Jugger’s shield. Showing the Chmmr Avatar your aft and blasting her with the howitzer is a tricky thing but the Nemesis can break through the tractor beam and as soon as the Zap-sats are down, the Avatar is marine-meat

Weak against: The Pkunk Fury, Slylandro Probe and Arilou Skiff can effortlessly pull out of marine’s grasp and use hit-n-run attacks to whack the unready Nemesis. The Androsynth Guardian is a bit tricky – if she get stuck without battery she’s Marine-meat but the Comet form destroys marines on impact and the Nemesis’s aft section appears to have been designed exactly to be wedged by a wicked blazer. So long as they manage to evade the marines, The X-form and the Spathi Eluder can pose a pain in the butt to any Nemesis captain. A very hot Shofixti Scout pilot can evade the marines long enough to use a wrap-around slingshot maneuver to catch the Nemesis unaware.