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Orz Nemesis Icon.png

Underestimating the Orz Nemesis would likely be the last mistake anyone can ever make. Like its name suggests, this ship is a goddess of revenge, coming to inflict pain and vengeance on the galaxy. Never, under any circumstances, chase after the Nemesis!


The Nemesis is fairly quick, has a fair turn-rate and good acceleration. Its relatively large footprint makes dodging incoming fire difficult, although not impossible.



The Nemesis is armed with a moderately powerful howitzer cannon which is remarkable in that it can be rotated to different firing positions during combat by holding the secondary weapon button while using the turning controls. The rotational turret allows usage as a strafing weapon or as a backwards utilized attacker-repellent. The energy costs of this weapon are rather large, however, and it can only fire volleys of two or three shots at a time.


Aboard each Nemesis vessel is a squad of Space Marines, which are launched by holding down the secondary weapon button while pressing the fire button. Encased in vacuum-fitted exo-skeletons, these relentless soldiers use their jet packs to chase down enemy ships, and then burn entry holes through their hulls. Once inside the enemy ship, the Space Marines employ basic search-and-destroy tactics, wreaking havoc on the soft targets within. When an enemy ship is destroyed, any Marines onboard will jet out of the exploding hulk, and return to the Nemesis for more fuel and ammunition. Opponents would be wise to remember that Space Marines receive training in using the Leyland Gravity Whip maneuver, and are exceptionally adept using a planet's gravity to speed them toward their target.

Tactical Overview

A very effective ship that rarely fails, although prolonged combat against multiple opponents can take a heavy toll.

Strong against: Ur-Quan Dreadnought and to some degree Kohr-Ah Marauder are both in danger. The Chenjesu Broodhome is virtually helpless against the marines as is the VUX Intruder and the Mycon Podship. The marines bounce off the Yehat Terminator and Utwig Jugger's shields, but in the latter case, no energy is fed to their batteries by the impact, so they can be used to take down the Jugger’s shields quite easily. Showing the Chmmr Avatar your aft and blasting her with the howitzer is a tricky thing but the Nemesis can break through the tractor beam and as soon as the Zap-sats are down, the Avatar is marine-meat. The Ilwrath Avenger's cloak allows it to hide from the space marines, making it immune to space marine attacks while cloaked. However, due to the Avenger's slow speed, turning, and short firing range, the Orz Nemesis can fire at various places through trial-and-error using its rotating cannon to fire from behind, damaging the Avenger bit-by-bit.

Weak against: The Pkunk Fury, Slylandro Probe and Arilou Skiff can effortlessly pull out of marine’s grasp and use hit-n-run attacks to whack the unready Nemesis. The Androsynth Guardian's Blazer form destroys marines on impact, and the bubbles provide an excellent defensive screen, and the Nemesis’s aft section appears to have been designed exactly to be wedged by a wicked blazer. So long as they manage to evade the marines, The X-form and the Spathi Eluder can pose a pain in the butt to any Nemesis captain. A very hot Shofixti Scout pilot can evade the marines long enough to use a wrap-around slingshot maneuver to catch the Nemesis unaware. The Thraddash Torch, with its Afterburner, makes short work of the Nemesis as well, being able to outrun the Marines with ease, while simultaneously roasting any that get in the way.