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This page lists the bugs present in the original releases of [[Star Control II]]. Most of these bugs have been fixed in [[The Ur-Quan Masters]].
*(Full Game) You could sell more [[lander]]s than you had, resulting in free [[Resource Units]] (early PC release only)
*([[SuperMelee]]) When an [[Androsynth]] [[Guardian]] in [[Blazer]] mode is drained of its last energy by a [[Broodhome#Secondary|DOGI]], the Blazer mode isn't fully turned off; the ship retains it ability to do damage by impact. ([[uqmbug:283|bug #283]]).
*(Full game) Crew retrieved from space after the end of an encounter could set the number of crew to larger than the ship's maximum.
*(SuperMelee) Some background pixels in the "Battle!" images were the wrong color.
*(Full game) When just selecting a [[Syreen]] [[Penetrator]] ship with over 12 crew members in "Roster", the crew count goes down to 12. ([[uqmbug:184|bug #184]])
*(Full game) Even though travelling through [[QuasiSpace]] takes no fuel, you cannot use the autopilot when you are out of fuel in QuasiSpace.
*(SuperMelee) When a SuperMelee game is over, the end totals don't take into account the crew lost by the winner's last ship.
TODO: expand upon the list below, with formatting. If no bugzilla bug number is present, it doesn't mean one doesn't exist.
*[[uqmbug:235|bug #235]]: druuge SlaveryCount not cleared after load. (Possibly 3DO only)
*wrong images for lander extensions
*[[uqmbug:108|bug #108]]: if you move from QuasiSpace to HyperSpace through the periodically appearing portal, just as it is closing, and then move to a star system, it will act as a portal in QuasiSpace and move you somewhere (possibly out of the map, or even crashing the game).
*fuel use estimate to the selected destination on the starmap was off
*boarded orz marines survive Shofixti glory device
*[[uqmbug:365|bug #365]]
*[[uqmbug:319|bug #319]]
*[[uqmbug:528|bug #528]]
*[[uqmbug:592|bug #592]]: game crashes if the player frees the Chmmr before allying with the Starbase
*[[uqmbug:642|bug #642]]
*[[uqmbug:768|bug #768]]: Encounter chance in solar systems unused.
*[[uqmbug:769|bug #769]]: ScanSeed unitialised for some overridden worlds.
*[[uqmbug:777|bug #777]]: starbase lights stay off after load. (3DO only)
*Sa-Matra image and hotspot misalignments
*[[uqmbug:557|bug #557]]
*[[uqmbug:705|bug #705]]
*[[uqmbug:806|bug #806]]
*[[uqmbug:808|bug #808]]
*[[uqmbug:797|bug #797]]: Letter 'j' in Micro font is off baseline
*Harmless C&P bug in disabling cursor: http://uqm.stack.nl/forum/index.php?topic=2741.0
*[[uqmbug:967|bug #967]]: slave-shield appears to overlap planet when in melee
*[[uqmbug:996|bug #996]]: Enemy crew resurrect after HyperSpace encounter
*[[uqmbug:1001|bug #1001]]: Wrong Sa-Matra guards ship icons after Kohr-Ah win
*[[uqmbug:1013|bug #1013]]: Druuge line SALVAGE_YOUR_SHIP_2 is superseded by HOSTILE_SPACE_HELLO_1

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