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Starship Databank Entry

The Syreen Penetrator is lightly crewed and not terribly powerful in terms of offensive weaponry, but it is able to use "wiles" strengthen itself while weakening enemy ships. It is unique in its ability to come out of battle stronger than when it went in.


The Penetrator is has a good turn-rate and a fair speed but suffers from a somewhat lacking acceleration. It's shape, center of gravity and turn-rate can be masterfully combined into a Wrap-Around thrust maneuver, during which the Penetrator circles a planet until it found the direction it wants to use a Gravity-whip maneuver.



The Penetrator's primary weapon is a weak, forward-firing weapon with a modest range and acceptable firing rate.


To compensate for its lack of offensive power, the Penetrator captain employs the "Syreen Song", a short-range hypnosis field designed to lure enemy crew from their ships via the airlocks. If the Penetrator picks up the crew, they will willingly serve alongside the Syreen as members of the Penetrator's crew; if the enemy ship reclaims their crew, they are able to counteract the effects of the hypnosis field -- at least for a while. During the war, crews on board Syreen ships became a surreal pastiche of alien races, with Ilwrath, VUX, Spathi and others working dutifully side by side with human volunteers under the command of beautiful Syreen officers.

The "Syreen Song" has no effect on non-sentient beings like the Slylandro Probe.

Tactical Overview

Against most ships, the tactic is pretty straightforward -- close in quickly, evade incoming fire, and use the "Syreen Song" to bolster your ranks and weaken the enemy's. Once you have made the enemy's crew your own, finish them off with a few quick shots.