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The Pkunk are wacky, Dodobird-like beings, an offshoot of the Yehat race. They are pacifistic mystics who claim to be in constant contact with the "spirit-world". They once lived on Yehat homeworld of Gamma Serpentis I, but now reside in the Krueger constallation. They love their distant Brethren with all their hearts, while the Yehat hate them with gusto.

Pkunk Frequently talk about spirits, fortune-telling and other New-Age kind of stuff which usually amuses Humans. However somehow they are always right about their fortune-tellings which makes it probable that the Pkunk have an highly-advanced "Sixth sense".

The Ilwrath are currently fighting a fanatical war against them, commanded by their Twin-gods.

--Dingus 19:03, 25 Sep 2004 (CEST)