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Starship Databank Entry

The Mycon Podship is, depending on who you ask, one of the best ships in the game, or one of the worst. It's weapon systems are powerful yet cumbersome, and it's ability to regenerate its crew gives it incredible staying power. On the other hand, it's fairly slow and difficult to control, which makes it an easy target for faster ships.


The Podship is a bulky, medium speed, slow turning ship with moderate acceleration. It is heavily affected by gravity wells, which can be used to great advantage.



The Podship's weapon system is a slow, long-range, semi-sentient ball of plasma, which will relentlessly seek out enemy craft. At close range, this weapon is staggeringly powerful, but as the projectile moves through space, the plasma slowly disperses, reducing its effectiveness. Enemy fire that strikes the plasma will also disperse it and reduce it's damage potential.

One notable feature of the Podship is its ability to outrun its own weapons fire. Due to the plasma'a low speed, firing while the Podship is at speed stands a good chance of hitting the ship itself. Due to the high amount of damage caused by a "fresh" ball of plasma, this is often fatal to the firing Podship. Make sure to shoot backwards whenever possible to avoid such unpleasantness.


The secondary ability of the podship is to regrow it's own crew. It is piloted by talking fungi after all!

Tactical Overview

Against reasonably fast and maneuverable ships, there is little that you can do. Syreen Penetrators, Zoq-Fot-Pik Stingers, Pkunk Furies and Arilou Lalee'lay Skiffs all hunt Podships for sport. A common game for them is to take down a Podship without firing a shot, instead they lead the homing plasma in such a fashion that it is turned on its owner. Yehat Terminators and Utwig Juggers can, on the other hand, approach the Podship head-on, raise shields when the predictable plasmoid comes, and discharge their guns when in range.

Against slower, less maneuverable ships, the common tactic is to get up to speed (a gravity whip will do nicely), fire a couple of shots at close range, then fly away and regenerate any crew lost. Lather, Rinse, and Repeat.