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A Primat is the apparent leader of each Ur-Quan faction. Admittedly there are few references to either the Kohr-Ah and Kzer-Za Primats: a Ur-Quan Kzer-Za mentions the Kohr-Ah Primat when The Captain informs it of the existence of the neo-Dnyarri, and the Yehat apparently refer to the Kzer-Za Primat when describing the post-War fate of Admiral ZEX.

It is known that in the case of the Kzer-Za, each member is designated by a number (as is seen in the captain names) that corresponds to their position within the Kzer-Za power hierarchy. The Kohr-Ah captains are similarly named, which may indicate that they use a similar scheme to indicate rank. Therefore "Primat" may be a general title that can also be used to refer to this supreme faction authority — though Ur-Quan Lord 1 is not referred to as a Primat by the Spathi.1

Interesting to note, the Kzer-Za refer to the Kohr-Ah Primat as "she", suggesting that the creature is of feminine gender.

Notes and references[edit]

1The exact title of the ultimate leader is uncertain. According to the Star Control II manual (p. 66, PC), the ultimate leader of the Ur-Quan Kzer-Za faction is called the "Ur-Quan Master #1". However, when the Spathi were subjugated, the Spathi leaders dealt "Ur-Quan Lord 1", which appears to follow the naming pattern of the Ur-Quan Kzer-Za captains.