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Pudt is the name of one of the master sergeants under the command of Battlemaster Jugkah of the army of Thraddash Culture Twelve. After Gnusko the tactician cut Jugkah in half for stepping on his foot, Pudt and the rest of Jugkah's army attacked Gnusko and his elite guard. After Gnusko's elite guard was eliminated, Pudt got into an argument with another master sergeant Muuhd over the method of execution for the traitor Gnusko. One faction prefered crucifixion, while the other preferred the longer "Lead Tatoo" technique, although it is no longer certain which master sergeant led which faction. The argument was resolved when Pudt and his command slaughtered Muuhd and all 500 of his soldiers. Unfortunately for Culture Twelve, their original enemy, led by Yajag, chose this moment to attack and caught the army by surprise. The complete defeat of the army marked the end of Culture Twelve.