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QuasiSpace is a green, tranquil dimension. It is the smallest known dimension, and so offers a very quick mode of travel. QuasiSpace provides access to Falayalaralfali, the home to the Arilou Lalee'lay, which live in a different dimension much like the Orz or "They" who possibly decimated the Androsynths. QuasiSpace features several portals into HyperSpace, but there is only one portal to QuasiSpace from HyperSpace in the quadrant. This portal is located in the Arilou´s sphere of influence, the Chandrasekhar constellation, and is open for three days every month -- from the 17th to the 20th. Apart from this "natural" portal, QuasiSpace can only be accessed via the QuasiSpace Portal Spawner.

QuasiSpace Portals

This table shows the QuasiSpace locations and HyperSpace endpoints of the 15 uni-directional portals and the single bi-directional portal.

QS portalHS endpointHS endpoint description
500.0, 500.043.8, 637.2center of Arilou space; bi-directional;
open monthly 17th - 20th
476.0, 458.0409.1, 774.8northwest edge in Ur-Quan space
502.0, 460.0318.4, 490.6between Spathi and ZFP space
468.0, 464.0921.1, 610.4far west on the map; near Arcturus
516.0, 466.0567.3, 120.7between VUX, Mycon, and Yehat space
506.0, 474.0191.0, 92.6near Earth
458.0, 492.0860.7, 15.1far southeast on the map
492.0, 492.05.0, 164.7in the middle of Ilwrath space
476.0, 496.0611.7, 413.1south edge in Ur-Quan space
448.0, 504.0565.8, 971.2far north on the map
466.0, 514.0230.2, 398.8in the middle of Spathi space
520.0, 514.011.2, 940.9far northwest on the map, near the Slylandro
530.0, 528.0775.2, 890.6between Supox and Utwig space
544.0, 532.036.8, 633.2in the middle of Arilou space
488.0, 538.0973.5, 315.3in the middle of Druuge space
520.0, 540.0585.0, 621.3in the middle of Ur-Quan space