QuasiSpace Portal Spawner

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The QuasiSpace Portal Spawner was device constructed by the Arilou Lalee'lay for the SIS as a favor to The Captain during the Second War. It is a variant on the Arilou's standard QuasiSpace Portal Spawners, devices which use Dimensional Fatigue technology to create a temporary overlap between the dimensions of HyperSpace and QuasiSpace, allowing the Arilou to jump into QuasiSpace without going to the trouble of finding one of the rare, intermittently active natural portals. The process of creating such portals is extremely energy-intensive and dependent on the portal's size; this is probably one of the primary limiting factors leading to the relatively small size of the standard Arilou Skiff.

In order to allow Captain Zelnick to use such a Spawner on the much larger Vindicator, the Arilou had to amplify a standard Spawner's power using a Warp Pod scavenged from the wreck of an Ur-Quan Kzer-Za Dreadnought. Zelnick's scientists were unable to divine the internal workings of this Spawner. Of particular concern was the fact that the Spawner's contained a black box energy source, and, presumably, whatever exotic form of energy storage was necessary to power the Spawner was unreprodicible by human technology, giving them no way to recharge it when it ran out of power, although in the end the Vindicator was destroyed before its Spawner became nonfunctional. With no way as yet to predict the service lifetime or reliability of such a device in the long term, the possible usefulness of installing large numbers of hybrid Spawners on battleships (even if the Arilou agreed to do so) remains in doubt.